Before we begin

This blogpost is aimed to put all of the things I have been asked in past system design interviews in one place. Before we start talking about it, let’s grab a topic and use it to give some examples so that things make more sense.

Enjoy 🍿

The Question!!!

It’s the olympics and you are asked to make a system for people to see all the available games, see details of the games they like and buy tickets to go and see them.

Answer Part 1 the overview

Web App

We can create a web app to show all this information to the user. I personally feel more comfortable with React but we can use whatever we want. The web app should have AT LEAST the following pages.


To display all the games and allow users to buy tickets we need to store our data into a Database. We can use a SQL database. MySQL is a good candidate to get started with. We need to design 2 tables. Let’s not talk about storing users yet.

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