Hello there,

Last weekend due to a gaffe at work, I decided to invest and improve my AWS skills. It has been a desire of mine for a few months now to go for the AWS developer associate certification.

I really like the bite size blogging experience in Twitter and felt like that this method could motivate me to do it consistently and also others can learn along with me. I “signed up” to the 100 days of AWS challenge and also to learn in public hashtags.

I got some really positive feedback when I made this announcement on Twitter. My goal was to post at least one fact about what I was studying that day every single day.

My learning usually happens early in the morning before work and my tweet has been at around the time I take my lunch break. Let’s see how did the first week go. I started with the AWS EC2 basics.


What is an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)?


What is an AWS Availability Zone (AZ)?

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