We can all agree that it is very refreshing for our lives when we as developers get a new job. Ideally when we are searching for something specific and we finally find it. That feeling of us about to rule the world.

Once we find that new job and announce to our manager how do we ensure a smooth transition to the next adventure?

Let’s talk about what to do once it’s time leave, rather than your reasoning behind this decision.

Disclaimer! All the points made in this article are my personal opinions and are not aimed at anyone.

How do I tell that to my current employer?

I totally feel you. The first time I gave my resignation, I was shaking. I expected that they are going to tell me to “f*** off”, fight me, kick me out of the building and not pay me a single penny ever again. 🤣 Let’s be honest… This is definitely NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. We live in a civilised society.

What has worked really well in my career so far is sharing a little bit of your longterm plan. If you know what you want from your future and make your bosses understand that you are chasing your dream, they are not likely at all to stand on your way. In a certain case a few years ago even though my role was important to that company, after giving my reasoning one of the executives told me “if I was you I would do exactly the same”.

Having vision will not only help you progress with your career’s direction and make it clearer, but it will also make others take you more seriously because you are showing them you are going after something.

What to do before I leave that job?

This is maybe the most important aspect of showing who you really are. Having that direction may give you some extra credits but leaving a job is a lot about maintaining relationships. Planning on a good exit is an important factor of shown as being professional.

Give as much notice period as you can

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