What a crazy year! 2020 has been mental in many many ways. Before it even began I had some big plans for it and now let’s review what happened.


Since the end of 2019 I had some desires to change my job as I wanted to find a new challenge.

I was looking for something very specific and in order to give my best, I was interviewing at 1 company at a time and not multiple ones. Given that some of them were quite big names with really lengthy processes, it took me a few months to get an offer.

I have to admit that looking for something very specific during the pandemic where many companies were letting tons of people go didn’t make my search any easier. But reaching to final stage interviews and then get rejected meant only one thing. I was really close. Like in everything else in life, if you insist on something, you will eventually at some point make it.

In July I got an offer from Feedr which was a really exciting opportunity and accepted to start working there as a Senior / Lead software engineer. The journey has only just started.


I gave 2 talks this year. 1 around Feburary at JS Monthly London where I talked about TypeScript.

The second one was in September at Danny Thompson’s discord community called Commit your code! where I talked about how to automate your Github profile README with Github actions. Here’s a link to that blog post.

Talks are great to meet people and also build your personal brand. Looking forward to doing more of these talks in 2021.

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